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Smoochdome Silent Auction:

CAREER COACHING AND RESUME HELP (Minimum Bid: $40, $10 bid increments)
Need a job? Want a career? Reposition yourself so you're attractive to the people you want to work for! Not That Dave is the Marketing Director for a big professional services firm and author of a marketing book. He will take you out for beers or coffee, chat with you about your career aspirations, and help you strategize your next moves. Then, NTD will rework the content and design of your existing resume so that you can better market yourself and get to the next step in your career! (estimated time: 2 hours) (Value: $200).

SUMMERSTAGE MEMBERSHIP (Minimum Bid: $50, $10 bid increments)
Enjoy the summer under the stars, in Central Park, listening to great music—with no lines! See exciting bands, live dance, theatre and maybe even an opera and be guaranteed entrance and seats with a SummerStage membership for two. (Value: $150)

COUPLES BODY PAINTING (Minimum Bid: $15/ $5 bid increments)
Jungle vines, butterfly garden, tribal design — let your imagination run wild and let Sly’s brush strokes do the same! Your bodies will become a canvas and you will be the center of attention at the next party you go to. Sly will come to your home -- or any designated meeting point -- to paint your (semi) exposed bodies or faces in the manner of your choosing... Think Black & Light Ball... the Horned Ball... Summer Rubulad’s! Mutually set the date, time and the design, and let this talented girl do the rest! (Expires August 1, 2009. Value: $120)

TAKE A ROMANTIC NIGHT OUT (Minimum Bid: $30 for 5 hours, $5 bid increments)
Are you a parent who hasn't had a date night in sometime? Craving some fun with people who use more than 2 syllable words? Well look no further! Anu is a great babysitter with experience with kids of all ages. She will bring toys and games, and entertain your little ones for an evening, while you enjoy your hard earned freedom. (Value: $100)

BEGINNER'S EL WIRE SOLDERING LESSON FOR TWO (Minimum Bid: $20, $5 bid increments. Estimated class time: 2 hours)
Do you dream of illuminating your favorite playa outfit but don't know where to start? Not sure which wire, drivers or accessories to buy? Learn the art of lighting yourself up! Smoochdome’s own Smash will give you a private, hands-on lesson for two on how to solder and power el-wire, and will help you plan your own playadriffic dream project! Basic learning materials will be supplied. (Value: $150)

BURNER ART (Minimum Bid: $20, $5 bid increments)
Relive your most romantic moments on the playa every day with a beautiful framed memento of that magic week in the desert. Take home this 18x24 framed photograph from Burning Man '08 captured by Anna the Russian Spy. (Value: $150)

MASSAGE WITH SPATCH (Minimum Bid: $15, $10 bid increments)
Indulge in a little pleasure and relaxation with one of Spatch's famous and coveted hour-long, full body massages. Using long, circular, medium-pressure strokes, Spatch will guide your body to heaven and back. The massage covers you from head to toe, with special attention paid to problem areas such as shoulders, feet and gluts. Alternatively, Spatch can tailor a session for you and your partner to teach you both massage techniques you can use to enhance a romantic evening together. Enjoy your massage in the comfort and privacy of your Manhattan home or travel to Spatch's Williamsburg location. (Value: $80)

COUPLES MASSAGE WITH PANDA AND NEURON (Minimum Bid: $40, $10 bid increments)
An exciting massage lesson for couples. Learn to give your partner an Esalen style massage. Each member of the couple will learn to give a massage and receive one. Even better for three or four friendly people. (Value: $150)

ANIMAL ATTRACTION AT PROSPECT PARK ZOO (Minimum Bid: $20, $5 bid increments)
Where better to pick up a few smooth moves and courtship tips to impress your date than the animal kingdom itself? Romance your sweetheart with a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo. Spend an enjoyable afternoon touring this small charming zoo with Smoochdomer and zoo volunteer, Lisa. She will discuss the mating rituals and rules of attraction of some of the incredible animals you will encounter. Highlights will include the Red Panda breeding pair and Geoffrey's Tamarin monkey and their new baby born December 15! (Value: $75)

GREETING CARD DESIGN SERVICE (Minimum Bid $20, $10 bid increments)
Allow David and Teresa to design a greeting card card for you. The card can be for any occasion! They've been designing holiday cards for years to rave reviews, and have agreed to share this talent with the highest bidder. They will work with you to find a theme you like, custom design it and then provide you with the final design on a data CD and the information for the printer that they use to print their own cards. Bonus option: if you have a pet or pets and would like them to be featured on your greeting card, David and Teresa will visit your home and spend up to 2 hours getting to know your animal(s). Send your cards in April, you'll totally be ahead of the game! (Value: $400)

COUPLES PORTRAIT SESSION (Minimum Bid: $40, $10 bid increments)
Allow the brilliant portrait photographer Yian to work with you and your sweetheart on capturing that memory. Responsible for all the portraits at Smoochdome parties and on our website, Yian is a serious professional who will work with you at his own studio. You’ll love the results—we guarantee it. Expires in August 2009. (Value: $250)

COUPLES TICKET TO CHEMISTRY (Minimum Bid: $60, $10 bid increments)
Sad you're missing Chemistry tonight? We are too! But we've got your ticket for two to the next one you can attend!. Chemistry is a sensual party for openminded, sexy, vibrant people who don't necessarily buy into the typical view of modern relationships. Go for the great DJs, wild performances, striking setting…and stay for dessert. (Please note that you will need to complete Chemistry's New Member Questionnaire before attending, and auction is for one M/F ticket. Smoochdome will refund your money if you do not pass the screening). (Value: $160)

REIKI WITH DIVA NATALIE (Minimum Bid: $15, $5 bid increments)
Treat yourself to a one-hour session with Reiki Master Natalie! Attuned to Level III and also a professional singer, actress and art model, she is especially adept at working with those seeking to connect with their creative potential. Natalie has experience helping people to deal with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain management and post-operative recovery. Your Reiki session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Expires 12/31/2009. (Value: $65)

BURNER PARTY PACKAGE (Minimum Bid: $25, $5 bid increments)
Own a piece of New York Burner memorabilia and make an impression at a FREE Kostume Kult Party! Wear your iconic fake fur coat formerly worn by the famous Balktick and the infamous Hookah Mike (who are indeed two different people) and join a pal as a guest of Kostume Kult at party of your choice! Bonus: Tumble with a KKer clad in a pink gorilla suit! (Mutually agreed upon time/date/party/tumble) (Value: $200)

A NIGHT OUT WITH SMOOCHDOME! (Minimum Bid: $20, $5 bid increments)* ** ***
Smoochdomers know how to have a good time! Let one take you out to their favorite spots during a time of your mutual choosing. Hanky panky not included, but great company is guaranteed. Your choice includes:

CHIA: Add some passion to hump day with a Tango Luncheon! Wednesday at noon, you’ll meet this dancing queen for a Tango lesson, sure to get our hearts racing. Delicious lunch provided before, during or after depending on your schedule.

Spend a night in the country! Take in the fresh air with a sunset hike, walk to a hawk tower to see breathtaking views of the valley and maybe spot a few hawks. You will journey to a farm for some fresh food, which Melanie will use to make a lovely light dinner. Save room for dessert from a local creamery, and end the night with a drive in movie topped off by stargazing by the lake.

Hookah Mike
will take you to an exclusive VIP party somewhere and sometime that you have to show up 15 minutes early to get in line for because everyone else on the internets is also a VIP. He will buy you all your drinks as long as the open bar goes on, and may or may not dance with (read: around) you, depending on length of the open bar and strength of the drinks.

Start the night sipping wine at an exclusive art opening, and get inspired. Talk over sushi how the art would be even cooler if it was (three times as large / blinky / motorized / spouting fire), then head to a secret hole-in-the-ceiling bar to sip Scotch and hatch plans for that even-better art project to take to the Playa. And then... ice cream.

will wear a vinyl cat suit under conservative business attire and take you to dinner at an expense-account Japanese restaurant in the East 50s, where she'll text all her friends while giving you a foot-job under the table. Afterwards, you'll go to a BDSM play party, then home to blow bubbles at her cats. You will be required to mainline bourbon the entire time.*

Join Sly for dinner at her favorite restaurant! As soon as she figures out what it is. And where it is. And whether they can accommodate you. Wear your crinoline and don't forget your web-enabled mobile device, cause you never know where you'll end up with Sly!*

night includes air hockey, pop culture convos and stealing at least one souvenir from an unsuspecting NYC locale. Then you'll skip hand in hand in the rain singing old musical songs.*

will bring you to a site-specific dance performance in an abandoned subway tunnel and maybe even fix that door in your apartment that doesn’t close quite right.*

will take you to a city planning meeting for his new project: turning housing projects into public interactive art spaces. You will be required to take notes, and later write a press release.*

Join Smash for an exciting afternoon of singing nursery rhymes and changing diapers in her toy-strewn midtown pad! Must love baby puke and cat hair. May want to bring change of clothes.*

will save a seat for you in the front row of her next choral concert and then personally serenade you with your favorite songs later in the night at a sketchy warehouse party.

will invite you over to watch reality TV under a furry blanket, and cook you pancakes the next day.*

Anna the Russian Spy
will take you on a romantic stroll along an abandoned stretch of the LIC waterfront for a clandestine meeting under the stars with a group of scary looking, chain-smoking men in fur hats and leather jackets. You will be given a briefcase that you will then be required to deliver to a seedy strip joint. A keg-sized flask of vodka will be provided for the evening to calm your nerves and make you more docile. If you fail to follow instructions, you will get to meet Anna's rats. The following morning, you'll find yourself back in your bed with a missing kidney and total lack of recall.

* Snark included was generously donated or inspired by Klingrap. Smoochdome loves you, Klingrap!
**Even if you don't get lucky in this auction, Smoochdomers may be available for their night on the town for an arranged fee -- Thanks for supporting Smoochdome!
***Actual nights may differ from listings above.